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Chapter 29     MAY, 2005


Whoops!    I guess I got behind on the updates. But me and Gavin have been so busy growing that I forgotted to tell you about it.


I've been getting bigger and stronger, and now make up my own mind about what I want to do. Gavin's still just a baby, but he started walking all by himself in April so we can play together more now. We had a big first birthday party for him in our backyard recently.


Let's see now....    Well we went to the beach and to the zoo on warm days during January. Dad and me planted a garden in part of the back yard, and Gavin and me stayed with Granny and Papa Kirby while Mom and Dad traveled to Virginia for a friends wedding in March. And after Gavin's birthday party, we all went to Key West for a week with Uncle Chris during April. Mom and Dad joined the neighborhood YMCA where they can exercise while us kids get to play together in the other room.

The Key West was a big deal. We went way out in a big glass bottom boat to see a reef with all kinds of fish around us. And to a butterfly place with zillions of them fluttering all around us. Saw an old fort with lots of huge cannons, rode all around town in a choo choo kind of thing, and then explored a strange rock castle place on the way home.


Now summer is on the way so I 'spect I'll be using Papa and Granny Kirby's swim pool quite a bit soon. But I'll tell you all about that next time.

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