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Chapter 28     December, 2004

Looky here - it's a whole new year. And we got lots and lots of new toys to play with now. So much happened during November and December that I can't show you all the pictures we took. But Mom made up some movies and gave all of you a copy, so maybe that will do. Brother Gavin is able to scoot across the floor fast, pull himself up, and even walk a little bit with some help from the big folks now.

In November Uncle Chris came to visit from Texas so we went down to Papa's at the beach for a few days. The weather was warm and sunny so we took short trips from there to a great nature park, a castle and old town in St Augustine, Daytona Beach, and had lots of good food including some overlooking the ocean. Then Aunt Patty came from Indiana and visited us in Jacksonville.

Soon after that, it was time for a super big family thanksgiving dinner at Granny and Gramps Kirby's place. Uncle Kevin came all the way from California for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And not long after Thanksgiving it was time for Christmas! Oh boy, oh boy. There were stacks and more stacks of pretty packages and toys under the trees everywhere! And lots more good food at Granny Edna's, and Granny Cindy's as well as right here at home.

Overall, this has been a very fine year for both me and Gavin. They say we are growing and developing so fast that no one dares to look the other way for fear they might miss something. Me and Gavin get a kick out of all that attention and respond with continous smiles and giggles.

And it looks like Gavin will be riding his tiger right through the new year. It's nice to have such a nice big family to share the fun with.


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